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Burnaby South has about 47% of the total detached homes for sale in Burnaby. Detached homes account for about 32% of the total housing stock in Burnaby South. Many of the higher price million dollar homes in Burnaby South are located in Buckingham Heights, Deer Lake and South Slope.

Burnaby South Townhouses 

Townhouses in Burnaby South account for just about 10% of the total housing stock in the area. As a per centage of townhouse stock in Burnaby, Burnaby South accounts for about 30% of the total number of townhouses in the Burnaby.

Under $300k     $300k-$400k     $400k-$500k     $500k-$600k     Over $600k

    Burnaby South Condos

Newer 2-bedroom, 2-bath condos in Burnaby South near to Metrotown and Highgate areas are selling from $450,000 to $550,000. About 56% of the condos in Burnaby can be found in Burnaby South, and condos account for about 57% of the Burnaby South housing units. 

Under $200k      $200k-$300k     $300k-$400k      $400k-$500k     $500k-$600k     Over $600k

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