Vancouver West Properties
Vancouver’s real estate market, just like markets in many attractive cities, has become globalized, to become one of the world’s new "superstar cities” — on par with London, Paris and Milan.

Vancouver West Heritage Mansion

"Over the past 5 years, capital from wealthy people in emerging markets in China, Russia, the Middle East and Latin America ... has flowed into the real-estate markets of big cities around the world.”
Vancouver is one of those cities. According  to The New Yorker article, Vancouver real estate offers comfort and security. For many Chinese buyers, they believe Vancouver properties offer good values. 

Vancouver West Detached Homes 温哥華西區獨立屋

Vancouver West is recognized to have one of the highest and most expensive homes in the world. One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Point Grey where homes on large lots with views of the ocean and mountains are selling in excess of $5,000,000. You can view some of these very expensive Point Grey, Vancouver West homes here. 

Price Range

Below $1,500k   $1,500k – $2,000k   $2,000k – $3,000k   $3,000k – $3,950k   $3,950K - $5,000K   Over $5,000K

Vancouver West Detached Homes By Neighborhood