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Are you looking for a condo assignment?

The assignment of a presale condo contract is complicated. The person assigning the contract has put down a deposit of 15% to 20% of the purchase price. At the time of assingment, the price of the unit may have increased in value.

As a buyer, you need to negotiate the final sale price - which will include a) payback of deposit, b) profit, c) balance owed to builder. Both Seller and Buyer understand that the NEW Buyer will be responsible for completion of the contract.  

Contact James Wong @ 604-721-4817).

Presale Condos

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Realtors work closely with new condo Developers and they get to preview new condos through special Realtor events. During such launch, some condos that are released for sale may offer better pricing, and generally when a project is released for sale to the public, home prices may be adjusted higher. 

There are various new developments near in various part of the lower mainland of Vancouver and in Surrey.  

If you have any questions on buying a presale condo, or available assignment deals, kindly contact James Wong at 604-721-4817.

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